Arsenal FC------ The demise

May 4, 2008 4:00am CST
Hi all myself is an arsenal fc fan. Gameweek 25---Pundits have given up all hope of man-u or chelsea winning the premierleague Gameweek---37 Arsenal are sure of not winning the title. SO what happened??? 1.Overload on defence-----Kolo toure,gallas n sagna had been doing the job form the start of the season.They were fatigued.Sagna got injured at a very wrong time. 2.Overdependence on Ade----After Eduardo got injured arsenal were overdepndent on ade to score.Niklas wasn't performing upto the mark.So we missed some chances 3.BAD DESICIONS----some refreeing desicions did not go our way 4.Injuries to key players at a time we needed them the most .Rossi was injured so was falmini.So fabregas took most of the load but it wasn't fair to expect him to do it all alone.Sagena and eduardo were gone to. Ways out next season---- Buy some good defenders and get a striker on loan if possible. Find of the season----THEO WALCOTT--the guy's matured and should be a force to rekon with next season! CHEERS ALL GUNNERS!!! GO GUNNERS!!!! GUNNER TILL I DIE!!!! More comments invited!!
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@mujtab20 (434)
• Nigeria
15 Jul 08
Thanks Bro, I was almost thinkink the same thing, you really is a GUNNER like myself. Thanks NEVER OUTGUNNED!!!
• India
22 Jun 08
dont count them out..they will take time to build up..remember how man utd were building a young team when chelsea won back to back titles
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
5 May 08
I think you have given a very acurate analysis of the problem-but I feel sad that we ould move so lose yet fail to win th silver ware
@mark17779 (667)
4 May 08
In today's paper's in England you are being linked with Obafemi Martins from Newcastle for £15,000,000. If you was to get him, then maybe you have a chance of getting 2nd next year. He would be good with either Adebayor (needs 10 shots to score 1 goal) or (I ike the treatment room) Van Persie. As for Walcott, even Wenger is not impressed with him. He has not progressed as much as he would like and is to predictable so defender's know what he will do.
@mark17779 (667)
4 May 08
Who is Rossi in your team ???????? Just like last year, you was competing for lot's of trophie's and then you get one bad result and you crumble under the pressure. Sure you blinkered Gunner's may say the Eduardo injury messed your team up, no it didn't. He was hardly setting the world on fire prior to his injury. Next big moment was Gallas having a paddy at the end of the Birmingham game. Add on top of that the Bentner v Adebayor fracass. All of those reason's the Gunner's fan's have used but it all boil's down to the fact your manager is rubbish and will not buy well established star's, or even spend money come to think of it. When you see the like's of Man utd, Chelski and Liverpool spending £30 million plus and you spend none, what hope's do you have really ? The main reason for your downfall was the 4-0 hammering from us (man utd), after that game all your result's started going wrong and your team was bottling it.