Somtimes what u r looking for is looking for u.

May 4, 2008 4:07am CST
The "Prodigy"(2004)movie tells the story of small time enforcer Truman's(Holt Boggs)vicious conflict with a sadistic assassin Rains.The assassin's exploits have become the source of legend among Truman's underworld colleagues,drives Truman through constant pressure of violence and grief.The action begins quickly as Truman meets with turncoat with a rival gang where Rains unexpected entrance destroys everything.Truman escapes difficultly considering Rains as dead.However Rains is not dead yet as Truman is thinking.Rains Kidnaps Truman's Boss nephew to make Truman and his colleagues play a role of detective.The story goes on as Rains indirectly threatens Truman's love and his colleagues.How Truman gets succeeded to defy Rains is really a fun to watch.The dialogs of the film are extraordinary and the roles played by various characters are of high quality.If you are thrilled by "thriller" movies,it is the movie worth to watch.
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