my best friend was just around me to try to snake my man well broad it didnt wor

United States
May 4, 2008 10:10am CST
well i had a best friend and we used to hang out all of the time i mean all of the time,then she started to act real funny me and my husband live together and she would come over dressed like a hore and i didnt think anything of it untill my other friends and my man said something to me,then she would call my house but not to talk to me to him and he would be mad cause he didnt want to talk to her,then one day i asked her who she comes here for me or him and she said if she cant chill with my man she dont want to chill with me that goes to show you girls keep your man close dont trust no chicks they are grimey and want your man,so i never talked to her again her loss,cause all that nothing she was wearing to impress him hes still here with me dumb broad,i soo wanted to kick her you know what but she is not worth it ladies let me know any stories or advice you have for me
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@eden32 (3976)
• United States
7 May 08
I don't mean to be rude, but I just don't understand this mentality. If your partner is faithful, he'll be faithful no matter what your friend wears, does, or says to him. If your friend is inappropriate, ask her to leave your house. My partner is a great guy, but I don't hardly think that means that every woman is out to steal him away. Besides he's a person, not a possession. If he goes, he wasn't "stolen", he choose to leave.
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• Canada
18 May 08
Idon't have to worry about that, because most of my friends are MEN! hahahaha I LOVE MY HUSBAND SO MUCH, and he knows it. THEY KNOW IT TOO!!!! Even though I have a lot of male friends, here is absolutely NO temptation for me to stray from my man, and tere NEVER will be!!