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May 4, 2008 8:19pm CST
well friends...a food for thought. Which is more dramatic-Bollywood or cricket. The two passions of India,cricket and Bollywood have hogged a limelight for a long time.What is your opinion on IPL,Harbhajan and Cheerleaders Controversy???
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22 May 08
the indian premier league has taken the popularity of cricket to a new level...with players from all around the globe playing together it has been a great treat to watch for the cricket lovers with ball flying over the ropes...the level of excitement is great and i believe cricket has become more dramatic than bollywood now. but incidents like harbhajan -sreesanth are a great shame to cricket especially indian cricket.........if the players play with a good spirit and have respect for their oppositions no doubt ipl is going to make its mark all over the world.....
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5 May 08
Well,the people like what all have stars and celebrities. But,unfortunately,actors,actress,and cricketers are held as stars and celebrities,even more than persons who do social service. In this fast world,the people want high quality of entertainment in a short time.Thats why movies and cricket,especially 20-20 are this much popular than other things. And as for cricket Vs Bollywood:- Cricketers enjoy the support of citizens all over India,whereas the actors and actress are held high only in that particular state/locality. I only hope that IPL brings new young cricketing talent and doesn't kill Test cricket. And as for Harbhajan and Sreesanth ,I think they are more aggressive than necessary.Its time that they look into their so called on field aggression. And as for cheerleaders,I think may be BCCI adopted it, as if there was no controversy to look into already!Just Kidding. Cheers! Have a great day Happy mylotting and happy earnings.