are you more like who - your mom or your dad?

@crazeMD (196)
May 5, 2008 3:21am CST
i'm a mixture of them both. i'm like my mom because we're both impulsive buyers! we're trying to control it but when we get together we often have a shopping splurge. haha! at least we enjoy it. i'm like my dad too cause i'm more adventurous. i love to explore new places. my mom isn't.
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5 May 08
Im a mixture of my um and my dad too.In looks im very much like my da,and so is my sister,but in ways im so like my Mum its unbeleivable.I sometimes hear my Mum talking when I talk,and my ways are identical to can be very weird sometimes.My sister is not only like my Dad in looks,but in ways too.It very interesting to watch how a family follows each other i nlooks and ways,with my kids I have a son,who I dont think is like Dad Or me,then I have two daughters an im not sure who the first one takes after,but the second one definately is very like me.I look at my granchildren and I try to work out who they are like,but as yet they are still to young to see who they follow after.
@xplp211 (257)
• China
5 May 08
I don't know in fact. My mom ever asked me the question whom I am like. My parents are both warm-hearted and talkative, but I am cool and silent. But my careful is like my dad and understanding to other people is like my mom. Afterall, I am their child but not themselves. haha......
@chechuva (1276)
• Philippines
5 May 08
i sound like my mom. people always make fun of me because my voice tone is like my mom's. about handling money im like my father. everytime i saw something i like i just buy it. my father is also soft hearted and i got it from him too. one thing also that i got from my mom is her being talkative. physically, they said that i look more like my mom.
@BUSSY1979 (1284)
• United States
5 May 08
I think that I'm more like my dad than my mom. My dad has a BIG cut-up side on him, and that's what I love doing to other people. My mom isn't the cut-up type like my dad is. She's more less the serious type of person than anything. Sometimes my mom can be so durn hard to get along with. I'm not like that. I'm very easy to get along with. LOL and so is my dad. My g/f loves the daylights outta my dad. She says that he's easier to get along with then my mom.