Calling all newbie in affiliate marketing

May 5, 2008 4:16am CST
well, I am one of them. I find the goings very tough.Hard work pours in with litre of sweats dripping from my face, what I get is very minimum traffic, not to mention sales. Need u guys and gals comments on my website so that I can improve it. My other intention is to get mentor and support from us in the same boat
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@Kecia08 (554)
• United States
11 May 08
I have found a free report that guides you through affiliate marketing. I believe being an affiliate is a great, inexpensive way to make money online. Visit my profile if you are interested.
• Malaysia
12 May 08
Free report?Check ou ur profile.Need to join and pay 9.95 monthly,man that is sure expensive. Other programme there I already join most of them. One comment on the free online cash system.I did listen to the webcaset.U have to pay 150 to join.Then they build up the pyramid.To me it just like an MLM. If u dun mind I asked,how long it takes 4 u to earn the 50 bucks? I prefer something free,hence reducing the risk or scam But thanks 4 taking the trouble to let me know the free stuff
@jayalaksmi (1041)
• India
10 May 08
I do have same interest as you do and i too have a website and i also don't get much traffic and till now i have not sold any item online. Though i had joined some affiliate site but earning through affiliate sites really depend on our luck and our traffic to the site.
• Malaysia
10 May 08
You just fit my picture. I think I sit in front and you sit behind of me in the same boat. Glad to know someone in similar position as I think we can give each other motivation as the going get tough and sometimes down. It is very easy to be positive in thinking by talking when come to actual life,I discover that it is just not the same.Those obstacles really put u down. Do u mind if I ask how long is ur site is up?Actually I dun think it depends on luck but one the right effort and idea.
• India
5 May 08
Which sort of Affiliate program have you joined,and for how long ?And what sort of help do you need? But,in general,I can tell you,the going might seem tougher if you joined just a while ago,and is thinking to make good profit in a short time; But,stick to it,and in some day's time,I am sure you are going to reap the seeds that you sow now; Good luck to you in your new quest!