The 29th Beijing Olympic is coming,will you come to China for a crazy summer

May 5, 2008 5:05am CST
As we all know that the 29th summer Olympic Games will be held in China and now the olympic torch relay is on its way on the mainland of China,so have you had made a plan to join the game ?Do you have a ticket of the Beijing Olympic which will be held in Cina who has a rapid economic growth and a glorious history that is the only survior of the four civilized ancient countries?I'm chinese and I'm proud of the holding of the Olympic,at the same time I want to tell you that we are all ready and we will accept the responsibility to the great event ,committing our full energy ,passion and resource to the task. So,please don't hesitate .All the friendly and peace loving people of the world are welcomed to China!Come and join us to see the greatst Olympic Games in China! ?????!
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• China
6 May 08
No doubt,I would like to,but I have stayed in China for more than twenty years and long for the Beijing Olympic thirstily,however,no chance ,no opportunity,no money and no capacity to Beijing.Would you like to offer me a chance,an opportunity,some money or much capicity ?If,I will thank you forever.But in fact,I know,you will not,so I have to wait in my dorm and watch the Olympic by means of my PC.Are you ready to go for it when it comes?
• China
7 May 08
oh,I will not either.But I will put my passion on the TV programme relevent to the Olympics.I think it will be very crazy and significent!It's really a pity!