What do you prefer for a movie, one with a happy ending, or one that is tragic?

May 5, 2008 5:40am CST
i was just wondering why a lot of movies always end up to be happ? Why not sad? Why not tragic? Why do they have to make a very compicated plot only to end up with a succesful resolutions...? Is that the art of film making? Well, just asking... What do you think?
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@BogdanB (13)
• Romania
5 May 08
I think it deppends on the movie. For example the last movie which had a quite turn-around ending was "The mist" - it had a very surprising end and for me at least the ending changed the whole movie-watching experience. there are these "popcorn" movies which show the hppy ending right from the beginning - these are from the "fun to watch" category, and there are the special effects movies - very nice to watch with the sound pumped up on a big screen.
• Indonesia
5 May 08
a movie is like a pilgrimage. the most important think is not the destination, but the journey. it doesn't matter if a movie have a happy ending or a tragic ending. it's important that the movie must be well directed, well made.