Gradual Self-Tanner: Do you use it?

@Nykkee (2523)
May 5, 2008 8:59am CST
With summer coming, and the beginning of the shorts and swimsuits season I want to have a bit of a tan, so that I don't look so pale, but I don't want to risk damaging my skin with sun exposure. I have decided to try on of those gradual self tanning lotion products that almost every company has out now. I didn't know what to buy and I didn't want to spend alot without knowing what I was getting, so for now I just picked up a tube of the Dollarama brand for $1 and I am just useing it on my legs to see how it works. That way if I turn a funny color it won't be a big deal because it's not quite warm enough for shorts here yet, so no one will se my legs for a while. If this stuff that I have now doesn't give good results, and I won't be suprised if it doesn't considering how little I sepnt on it, I will probaby get a tube of brand name stuff. Can anyone tell me which is the best out of the regular drug store brands, specifically Jergens, Dove, Olay, Equate (Walmart's brand), Coppertone, Hawaian Tropics, you know, the regular brands that are all around the same price. Any hlep anyone can offer me with this will be apprecieated. I want to find the lotion that has the best, longest lasting, most realistic results, and also that won't start to rub off making me look like a lepor.
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