The name of soccer

@oanjum (19)
May 5, 2008 10:33am CST
Where did the name "soccer" come from? I know it's called football but why soccer? Football makes sense because you use the foot. But how does "soccer" make sense?
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• China
8 May 08
Football means the American football. The shape of ball is oval. A famous league is NFL in American. The soccer means association football, namely, a game player on a rectangular field with net goals at either in which two teams of 11 players each maneuver a round ball mainly by kicking or butting or by using any part of the bodu except the arms and hands in attempts to score points.
8 May 08
You are right about the rule's. However, football (soccer) was created in 1848 at Cambridge University, and then in 1863 the rule's were codified to those we have today. Then soccer gave birth to rugby, not sure when that game was created, but that was in England too. American football is a version of rugby that was created in 1892, 29 year's after football (soccer) was created. So really if you want to look at the word "football" in copy right law's then the American's would not of been able to use that word to describe their poor sport as it would of been copy righted.
@iulyanho (193)
• Romania
8 May 08
The first kind of football was invented by europeans..and the name was stealed by the americans europeans name the footbal American football and the soccer football