Encountered with the Terror Waiter..

May 5, 2008 10:52am CST
Here is a true story..Place: a Chinese restaurant in China Town London. This restaurant is often packed when dinners during dinner time because of his good food and cheap pricing. A middle eastern guy came in and the ground floor waiter asked, "How many person?" " One. " he answered. "Upstair" So he went upstair. "How many?" 1st floor waiter asked. "One", he said. "Upstair", the waiter commandered. So he went another floor up and he got the same answers each floor until he reach the top floor which is the fourth. "Downstair." he was told. Not getting any seat so he came down to the ground floor again. At last he saw a table with two customers seating but with two seats available. So, without being asked he walk towards the table.. "Hey! I told you to go upstair, where are you going?" he waiter screamed at him. "Ya, I went upstair and upstair and the top floor guy told me to go downstair, where am I going to sit?" "Outside!! and **** off." Have you experience this treatment before? More on this restaurant.. follow this post.
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