You would have thought I was painting the sistine chapel!

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
May 5, 2008 3:43pm CST
Today I was outside painting the lawn furniture I got at auction and everyone drove by and stopped to see what I was doing. Now each one said.. "What are you doing?" OK paint can on the ground, paint brush in my hand, gray lawn furniture half white.. what do they think I am doing???? I resisted the urge to say duh each time but it got harder with each person*L* It took me longer to end conversations then it did to actually paint the furniture*L* I have lived here long enough you would think I would be used to it but it still gives me a giggle at what attracts everyone in this little town. I can honestly say I have not yet stopped to ask someone what they were doing when it was clear to me what they were doing. So yep they haven't converted me yet*L*
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