Have you played Assassin's Creed on Xbox360?

May 5, 2008 6:27pm CST
I have and i loved it i love little twist in those who have played it will know what i am talking about i find it diffent but not soo much that it gets in the way of playing the game. I found the gameplay nimble but realistic. The story i find is saying to learn from your mustakes as there will always be another chance and regaining trust just as much as just killing people to solve your problems.I see a respectable person coming out as you play. What do you think?
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@Foxfire1875 (2011)
6 May 08
I'm playing it at the moment on the PS3 and it is a bit repetitive but it's an interesting story. I love selecting the assasin blade and running up to archers to kill them as it is a dramatic kill, it also makes it a bit easier to escape if the archers aren't therre.
@Adelida2233 (1008)
• United States
6 May 08
I don't play, but my boyfriend does. I actually find the game interesting, even as a spectator. While you are playing, it is hard to find all of the flags, and of course if you're not actively being killed, you can see them clear as day. I usually sit on the computer on here while he plays and will point out the flags to him when he can't see them. I will start playing the game shortly, but I am deeply involved in Dynasty Warriors at the moment and am trying to get that finished before I start Assassin's Creed or Halo 3. Good luck with the game!
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@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
27 Nov 08
This is a pretty good discussion because video games are very important in peoples lives at least in my opinion because they are a good source of entertainment even though some people say they are trash,and all they do is cloud the minds of young children and cause them to turn violent,and hateful,and become lazy and do nothing but sit around playing video games all day,which I think is a load of crap, especially since most of the people who say those types of things are people who have never played a video game before in their life,and I do not think it is right to judge them without trying them first,because you never know what something is like until you actually give it a chance,and they are a good way to relax when it comes to being stressed out,at least for me it seems that nothing helps remove frustration like a game such as Halo or Halo 3 where you are slaughtering aliens that are trying to take over the Earth,and I always feel better when I beat the evil aliens,and they are also a good way to pass the time if you are bored out of your mind,or have nothing to do,and if it is a cold day,or a rainy or snowy day where you do not want to leave the house,because they can help the time fly by quickly and keep you preoccupied,and I am sure there are a lot of people out there who have played the game Assassins Creed and like the game and really enjoy playing it because they think it is a lot of fun,and then I am sure there are a lot of people who have not played Assassins Creed but have either heard a lot about it,or know someone who has played it and want to try it out one day,and then there are probably people who have played Assassins Creed and do not like it or have heard about it or seen someone else play it and have decided they do not like it or want to play it,and I can understand both sides,because not everyone is going to like every game,since everyone has different tastes and different preferences,and that is cool that you find it different,and that you found the gameplay to be nimble but realistic,and that sounds like a good story to go with the gameplay,I have personally never played Assassins Creed but I have heard a lot about it,and my brother bought Assassins Creed for his PlayStation 3 a while back and he really liked the game,and he said it looked like a game I would definitely like because I like stealth games where you kill the enemies without them even knowing what hit them like in the Hitman games and the Splinter Cell games,and I also like war games,like the Rainbow Six games,and the Ghost Recon games,and right now me and my fiance have a Halo 3 Edition X-box 360,and Assassins Creed is definitely one of the games I would love to get sometime,because I definitely want to play it,because it sounds like a lot of fun,and it sounds like a game that would keep me busy for hours,because of the story,and the awesome gameplay.