the way society views disability

May 5, 2008 7:37pm CST
I'm studying disability services (and also have a brother who has down syndrome) and am doing an assignment on stereotypes surrounding disability. My view is that people who have had personal experience with disability generally have a better understanding of both specific and general disabilities and are less likely to base their beliefs on some of the ridiculous stereotypes that exist. I also feel that the families and friends of people with disabilities have a role as educators within society by teaching those around them as much as possible in order to increase knowledge. does anyone have any stories of their experiences with either stereotypes about disabilities OR their views on the role of family and friends as educators within society? I'd really appreciate it!
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• United States
29 Jun 08
Oddly, I am disabled and understand the view. Those on disability take insurance from the government and do not contribute to taxes. -This who cannot or do not contrinute to the societal structure and taxes have lees societal value to those that can or do. We can delude ourselves into believeing in our own value? but to society..we are viewed ans a financial drag on the economy.
@ssh123 (31104)
• India
6 May 08
The bare truth is everyone of us have some disabilities or the other which we do not accept at all! Only those who display their disabilities get listed and get special attention or treatment whether they like it or not. My son is suffering from aspergus syndrome. He thinks he is on the top of the world, he is quick to learn, high achiever at school and obviously he is very arrogant. He considers himself superior in all aspects compared to others in the same age group. Always away from friends, he indulges most of the time in reading books, watching movies. I also have a nephew who is fully blind. Though he is 35, he is not able to find suitable job. He has some special skills like remembrance power, ability to give a vidid picture of what they have heard from others, can travel length and bredth of the country,can manage 99% on their own. He teaches parttime braille to the students 1 to iV class. He get support money from the government and lives on. One should really admire the agencies involved in serving the people with disabilities of one kind or the other.