Is there a way to tell the speed of an internet provdier ...

@sedel1027 (17854)
United States
May 6, 2008 12:15pm CST
without actually being on the service? We are moving to a new area which means we have to transfer cable companies. Our current company claims that speeds of up to 14Mbps are in our area, no one actually gets that. On an awesome day we might get 10Mbps. On the average day we gate 5Mbps. The current company offers 3 tiers of service, we have the middle one (yes 14Mbps is the middle speed). The company we are moving to only offers 2: 5Mbps and 10Mbps. Currently they are running a promotion so the 10 is only $5 more than the 5. Regardless I don't want to pay even $5 more for a service I am not getting.Is there a way to check the true speed of their service prior to signing on with the company?
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• India
25 Nov 11
Yes.. You can measure your speed of your internet connection using the .
• Philippines
7 May 08 - this site measures ur internet speed..
@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
6 May 08
The best way to test it I guest is to use your computer on somebody's connection subscribed to that ISP and visit Maybe your ISP has this facility for testing. May I add also that speed results differ on time of the day and specific area.