What Birth Control Are You On?

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May 6, 2008 8:18pm CST
I am going to be going to my 6 week post pregnancy checkup tomorrow and was wondering what birth control I should ask to be put on. The office pushes Loestrin 24, But I am thinking about Yaz because it is supposed to help with PM DD which I have. Any suggestions? What are you on? Anyone have certain good or not good side effects with this birth control?
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30 May 08
the one i have used and loved is the nuva ring i right now have mirena an iud and i have gained 20 pounds so i think im going back to the ring. good luck
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9 May 08
I have my tubes tied now. But in the past I have used Ortho Tri Cylcen, and ended up pregnant anyway. Then I used the Depo shot. I didn't experience many of the horror stories you hear with this. It didn't change my periods at all, and I had no adverse bleeding effects, it also didn't effect my moods.
@feeding11 (222)
• United States
8 May 08
The important part here is to go along with what your doctor says, which I'm sure they are aware of any conditions that you have and what will work better for your body. The sad part is that you could go through 4 different kinds of pills before there is one that actually suits your body. Some can make you feel just plain sick to your stomach or you could have periods that last for weeks at a time. So ask many questions bring up your concerns but your body will be the actual decision maker. Oh and be careful though cause anytime you change from pill to pill , during that time of changing them YOU CAN BECOME PREGNANT AGAIN and still be on the pill! OOOPPPSSS, be careful.
@katisaurus (1038)
• Canada
7 May 08
I take Yasmin. I used to be on Tri-Cyclen Lo, but that made me sick. Unfortunately I've never been on Yaz so I can't help ya, but try Yaz for a few months and see how it helps. That's your best bet. Play around with birth controls. 3-4 months then go to something else if that doesn't suit you. That's what I did, but I got comfortable with Yasmin so I stuck with it.