hey got a site for people that likes to play games

@paulw33 (297)
United States
May 7, 2008 1:46am CST
i see there is alot of peole on here that like to find diffeent sites to make money on well those of you that dont know about it go to gamevance.com it use to be arcade rockstar but they changed the name what you do is pla games if you gt the highest score of the day and keep it then you win when you sign up forfree you get to pick what you want to play for a 200 dollar visa debit sony psp camera phone etc at first i thought the site was bluffing because i signed up and won a psp it didnt come it took lik 2 months and a week i took it out of my computer hen guess what it came so i put it back in my computer and kept playing i won the psp a thousand dollars worth of visa cards wthin 6 months if ou can get top score in any of there games and dont get beet out you in they got like 6 diferent games your computer must be up to speed though they will tell you f it is or isnt thogh when you sign up you also need to upload your pic then when you get your prize you have to take a pic tih your prize to win anymore you now can win a prize every 45 days so if you win one then you gotto wait 45 days to win another one this site is real the first prize might take a little long to get but then after that they come quik thanks and have a good day
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