wonderful series

May 7, 2008 4:02am CST
This is a question found in a entrance exam question paper. 1.Find the odd one in this series 88, 54, 28, 13, 5, 2, 2 A)28 B)54 C)13 D)2 Help me to find out the answer with justification.
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• Philippines
7 May 08
hi reshmithanair... very tricky question...hehe let the little monkey think hmmmm... yeah i guess the answer is letter d)2 -because pattern is all the number from left to right is in decreasing order, meaning greater than the one on its right side...so 88 is greater than 54 and 54 is greater than 28 and 28 is greater than 13 and 13 is greater than 2 but 2 is not greater than 2 its the same... so logical conclusion the answer is 2 which is letter d. SMILE ALWAYS...^_^