Do you believe in God or Satan?

May 7, 2008 5:30am CST
For me i don't beleive coz they did not exist.For me "TO SEE IS BELIEVE"
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• Philippines
7 May 08
i agree with danzer. i believe in god. he's my creator, savior and someone who's been with me and will always be with me. yeah, right, if seing is believing...i don't see your brains and i don't see you. you don't have brains and worse, you don't exist. i have a feeling that you posted this question just to create a stir and maybe earn some more since you know that religion is such a touchy subject. it's no doubt that you will solicit responses especially from religious people who are always willing to defend their beliefs. i just hope that this is your intention because if you really do believe that there is no god.....bless you! you need it badly.