May 7, 2008 6:50am CST
I have just taken notice of the stars on mylot after being on here so long. I am not sure what they mean, can any one explain the colour and the ranking?? Cheers
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@tjades (3592)
• Jamaica
7 May 08
Well hi there Alexandra. Guess you havent been around here much lately cause you missed all the fun and heartachy stuff about the stars. An older mylotter might be able to better explain to you what the stars are for but in my own layman understanding let me say: ****Your star rating helps to identify your level or maybe I should say the quality of your participation here on mylot. As you may notice I have a red star and if you place your cursor over it it will show you my ratings out of one hundred. You can do the same for yours. You are given a star after your first 100 post. Mine was a yellow at first (I think). The blue star is the highest ranked star. Fellow mylotters rate us based on the quality of our post and contribution to other discussions. Take note of these signs !+-. Those are what are used to rate a discussion or comment. Happy mylotting and do use yours wisely. (lol)