OMG I dont even know where to start.........

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May 7, 2008 3:39pm CST
I have been wanting to have a garage sale for awhile, Me and my boyfriends mom have been talking about having one, then today she called me to let me know that her and her sister are having on this weekend Friday through Sunday, so if I want to do it then I have to have my stuff ready by tomorrow (Thursday). I dont even know where to start, theres so much I need to get rid of, I wish she had given me more time, maybe let me know on Monday or even yesterday. AHHH I think I'm overwhelmed now lol, I mean I pretty much know where everything's at but a little more time still would have been nice. why does it seem like such a task?
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8 May 08
I think that was rude of her to not consider your thoughts on when to have it, since you and her were the ones that were supposed to host it to begin with. She should of had your opinion on the date, and asked if you would be ready by this weekend.. instead of assuming! It is always a task to have a garage sale! Why not take your time and host your own yard sale?
@sisterjinx (1136)
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7 May 08
Oh my. I'm not sure I could be ready that quickly. That is a very large task. It seems a little inconsiderate that she gave you such short notice. I hope you can get everything done in time.