Does your morning paper make or break your day??

May 8, 2008 12:11am CST
What better than waking up to a strong espresso and reading the morning paper sitting on your porch with your pet dog lying nearby. ahhhhh.... open the newspaper...fist page, murder, second-kidnapping, political mess, conspiracies, doomsday predictions...... WHAT!!! Do you really want to read all this, do you really want to to be aware what's happening in the world after reading all this?? The morning news present a grim picture of the world we live in....some of it is hyped while some of it is true. What do you feel??
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• United States
8 May 08
Because I simply like reading the paper it really doesn't bother me either way what I read. Sure, most of the stuff I read and see in the paper is all, depressing stuff, but what can I really do about it all? I can't do much, so I might as well just read it, forget about it and go about my day.