Final Fantasy

May 8, 2008 12:11pm CST
What's your favourite Final Fantasy? Mune is 5 ( for snes & gba )
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@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
9 May 08
According to my classmate the coolest and hardest is Final Fantasy 8. It's hard that it takes him about 2 years to finish it.
• Italy
9 May 08
mmmh... are you sure? :D The 8th was one of the easiest... obviously, it depend on the strategy you use. If you give Ifrit to Squall and the STR+ at the begining it becomes veeeeery easy ( and when you get the last gunblade... ohohoh! Poor Graivier XD ). What was your team at the ending?
@mimingsi (152)
• Philippines
9 Sep 08
My all time fav----- tada! FFVIII... I love playing it over and over again... next is FFX and FFVII... I never liked FFIX and FFXI though I played them.. I haven't played the other FF's btw.
• Philippines
28 Aug 08
My favorites would be FFIX and FFVII. FFIX because I'm a sucker for fairytale-ish RPGs (and the BG music is *so* pretty) and FFVII for depth of plot/storyline and characterizations. =)
• Estonia
8 Jun 08
Final Fantasy III (Whoops, I mean VI ^^) was the first final fantasy I played and it is my favorite. I just love that old-school feeling it gives me! The characters are well developed and a storyline is great. Well, actually, every Final Fantasy game has a great story :)
@OWA777 (34)
• Denmark
1 Jun 08
i think erm Final fantasy VII just cause its awsome then Final fantasy X then VIII
@sarasza (34)
• Thailand
30 May 08
I prefer FF VII, it is the cool game that I ever play. Sony can suck my money by selling this game over and over. Another is FF Tactics in PS version, it ok for me but the one that I really like is Game boy Advance SP version. It have a very good system and wonderful story.
@fjgamer (543)
• United States
27 May 08
FF7. It was the first full game I played on the PSX, and it mystified me. Obviously, I found the story rather dull, but it was alright before I was chased out of Midgar. Also, the minigames were superb! If FF7 didn't exist, I would pick FF8 as my favorite just for Triple Triad. That was a nice card game. I also loved Kefka, he was a hoot... he was funny, I mean. Oh and the FF with the best soundtrack is obviously FF7, but FF1 started it all, so FF1 is the winner there. The absolute FF game was probably Final Fantasy Tactics. My cousin recently bought the PSP version of Tactics, and I must say it's a great-looking game, however, the original Tactics (for PSX/PS1) was (and is) the one I always loved. After Tactics, I pursued more strategy games for the PS1, and that led me to buy Kartia. Then, after Kartia, I moved to PC games and emulators, because I got sick of buying new game systems.
@jeseravi (338)
26 May 08
Mine is the seventh one (not dirge of cerberus, the other one). It's like my favorite one, and they use characters from that in Kingdom hearts when hardly any others are. And FF 7 is like the most character know in the world :)
@murtagh92 (182)
• United States
19 May 08
well, i guess i'd hav to go with tactic, it not like the other ones, but its the only one i've actually spent a decent amount of time on, and i really enjoyed playing it! i'll probably try out some of the others once i finish this, lol
@Hiryuu (41)
• Brazil
9 May 08
I played all of the, including the I and the japaneses only. In order, my favourites are FF VII, FF VI and FF IX.