thinking of leaving mylot...

United States
May 8, 2008 6:49pm CST
the rules are way too unclear... i posted a discussion and didnt even post the name of the other site yet my discussion was deleted i think one of the wonderful people on my friends list is reporting them although i am not sure but it seems that as soon as i post anything it is gone again... the last discussion lasted like 2 minutes then it was gone its just rediculous and a lot of my responses to discussions about other making money sites have been deleted to but they are asking for other sites to make money because it is impossible to make a living off here i think mylot staff definately need to either rethink the pay rate or just grow up people are going to talk about whatever they want to. ugh! i hate mylot
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@zed_k4 (17627)
• Singapore
9 May 08
Hello there sunkistroses, I think you should never leave mylot ever. It is the same everywhere and even in real life, we tend to come across people that are not satisfied or jealous of us, and we can't terminate our life membership in this world just like that, right? LOL. So just take a humor approach to this and smile, my friend. Let's just forget the troubles of the world, troubles of mylot and continue with our positive journey here and also in this life and world. I read this discussion where this nice friend of mine posted a url on positive thinking website by the great guy and I must say, the site is pretty addictive. Just do you thing, and throw the rest of negative thinking aside. Let's do it, yeah shall we...?
• South Africa
9 May 08
i agree with you buddy, although i am also here to make friends and practise my English i also would like to make some money here. And they say you can make some real money here that is why i joinded to be honest. But my pay is very low here, like $0.3 a day, it is not worth my electricity not to mention the connection fee to the Internet here in South Africa. That is why you also need to find some other paying online jobsour to make more money, but i wont advise you to leave here, 'cos you can look up for some money-making tips here
@subha12 (18453)
• India
9 May 08
If you want to leave no on ecan;t force you. i think you are getting annoyed as your discussions about other paying sites getting deleted? actually there are many more nice things about mylot. still its your choice,
• Singapore
9 May 08
Well you should not bring it upon yourself to hate mylot. Just keep it cool. Sometimes such thinks might happen, i suppose mylot has still a long way to go before they work out the glitches. Its better to stick around and do what you can do. You might never know something good might pop up.
@jairgirl (2877)
• United States
9 May 08
hello, i think everybody here in mylot experience such thing and all we have to do is learn and move on. i have learned that it is best not to tackle anything that may pertain to the rules/guidelines here as well as responding to post that may be violating the rules. the thing is some discussion is deleted because others flagged them and not because it is violating any rules. so that's the sad part coz you cannot really tell when your discussion or the one you commented will be here for a while or long time. just let go of the pain and it will be just another day. i have been here for 2 months active now and i didnt even realize its been that long i guess despite all those deletion i still find the happiness and the fun i keep getting from this site. anyway, leaving or staying here is mainly your choice and if you are not happy i suggest that it is best to go and find another that will make you happy. takecare and i wish you all the best.