What's the deal with hating pot?

United States
May 8, 2008 8:33pm CST
I never really get why so many people are so against marijuana. Marijuana is one of the safest drugs out there, safer than caffeine, alcoholic, and tobacco, and aside from putting combusted herb in your lungs, it has no negative health effects, but guess what else puts combusted stuff in your lungs, campfire smoke, cigarettes, and gas emissions all very legal things, besides you can always buy a vaporizer for the marijuana and avoid combustion of it, giving you only positive health affects. And aside from that, it's your body, if you wanna put smoke in your lungs why should people say no. Marijuana should not be illegal, it does not impair your driving ability very much either, although driving under the influence is not recommended, you are 3times more likely to crash after consuming alcohol. Marijuana along has never been responsible for the death of a human, you can not overdose on marijuana, it makes you a more peaceful and understanding person. Marijuana has been proven not to increase your chance of lung cancer, in fact smoking or vaporizing marijuana can reduce your risk for lung, throat, and mouth cancer. This is because THC (the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana) will kill dead cells(that you no longer need or use)before they become cancerous. Maybe we should start questioning our government 's drug laws instead of mindlessly trusting them and believing all their false propaganda. Hopefully you can understand some of my points and next time someone asks you "hey man wanna toke" instead of saying "POT is of the DEVIL" you can say "Sure I'll try it out"Thanks for reading, -Liam P.S. The main reason marijuana was made illegal in the 30s is because Mexicans were bringing it across the border along with their culture which was viewed as strange and different. The American government didn't like the Mexicans disturbing their "perfect" country so they outlawed the weed so the Mexicans could not enjoy their vivid culture as much. In short Marijuana is illegal because America is racist.
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