money ....!!!! how imporatnat is it in your life???

May 9, 2008 2:59am CST
well we all know money is imp for our living...but how imp depends on the experiences we have had in our lives,,,,,so shoot up few comments on this..
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• Philippines
9 May 08
Money as you said is important in our day. But I think money is not everything, and is not the most important. During the earliest civilization according to history books, money is non-existent and their means of exchanging or obtaining goods from one another is by trade. If I have a chicken and I want to have a pot of lentile, I must trade my chicken for it. Now that we have money, it's the same. We trade money for goods we want. Thank you and good day!
9 May 08
good one mr.warrior
9 May 08
Sirsi... Money a.k.a Vitamin M is indeed important.. But the question is of a degree and not otherwise... well, i believe that as long as the money that we get or have is used for satifying our needs and not our wants, its ok. The excess money that we have can go to various ways of helping others. After all, when we give, we get more!!! Food, Clothing and Shelter are the three primary necesseties that we need money for. Im not saying we shouldn't have fun along the way! sure.. knock yourself out!!! But dont overdo it!!!! Cheers!!!
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• India
9 May 08
Hello,praveen!In today's world money has utmost importance in our life.where ever you go out of your home if you have no money in your pocket you can't require money for filling your car or bike,shopping,eating in you will manage without it?beyond imagination it is.i just feel nervous if i have no money.without money life will be just hell.thanx.