do you get well along with your brother

May 9, 2008 3:41am CST
my brother is 6 years younger than me , i find it a bit difficult for me to understand him. adolescence is a vital stage for every one, so vital that it set the route for a lifetime. i sincere wish he can overcome the complexed feeling occored in this age stage and grow up healthily
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@Dorislee (209)
• China
9 May 08
I think most brothers or sisters, there msut be many quarrels among them, but after all, they care about each other at important moment. From I have remeber, I thought my elder brother dislike me, because he never allowed me to follow him , play with him or his friends, and he never agreed my opinions.... actually, if I got sick or something like that, he would express his care by his unique way.
@LadyPS (161)
• Singapore
9 May 08
Hi xiaowen,I too have a brother who is 6 years younger than me,when we are younger we get along well,I adore him and always take care of him like a loving sister.I even get along well with his friends.However after he got married we seem to have drifted apart with minimum contact.Now that he is posted to Hong kong I only get to know about his happening from my dad.I still love and miss himm alot even now that we are grown up.
@meiteoh (421)
• Switzerland
9 May 08
My brother is nearly six years older than me and when we were children, we got along pretty okay. We used to play games, hang out and well, just have fun. Later on, after he reached high school, we started drifting apart. He would fight with me and then sometimes threaten to hit me because we don't see eye-to-eye or agree on stuff. He'd still arrange fun stuff like treasure hunts for birthdays and what-not. After he started dating my sister-in-law, we stopped talking and the fun stuff stopped as well. When he got married, he moved out, stopped visiting and basically became a stranger. In between the dating part and after he got married, he became a jerk as well - he'd scold my parents and me if we didn't do certain stuff without asking him first. There was once that he asked us to record something but we couldn't and he actually threw a tantrum and hung up on my dad. When I started dating my hubby, he wasn't too happy (gawd knows why). He hardly talks to my hubby, never replies my emails now that I live halfway across the world and forget about even a congratulatory note. My brother is nice to us when he's in public but otherwise, he isn't. I gave up trying to fix things or do anything about it. All I ever do these days is just what I'm supposed to do as a good person - be nice and that's about it.
@livvy092002 (1003)
• Philippines
9 May 08
I also have a younger brother who is 2 years younger than me. We used to fight a lot even just because of silly reasons. I guess when you're young especially in adolescence stage, it is just normal to not agree on things so much since both are still immature. But as we grew older, we learned to forgive each other and to be tolerant and understanding of our differences. Don't worry too much, both you and your brother will get over it. Just learn to be more tolerant and understanding and respect each other.