I am worried about how many Filipinos would again suffer for the rice shortage.

May 9, 2008 8:29am CST
I can't help it but I really feel so bad thinking about the effect of the economic problem, especially the rice shortage, to the poor Filipinos. With empty stomachs they might result to doing some unlawful activities like stealing and robbery. Surely, they know that, that won't be the right way to handle the problem but do you think they're all to be blamed for doing such illegal activities? Who should share their faults?
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26 May 08
I feel the same way. This shortage, i feel goes more than politico-socio-economic turf and turbulence that happened in the immediate past... it is an inconvenient truth... that we are putting pressure on the earth to give us more than what it can really give. we've exploited so much and asked more from it. we converted agricultural lands to industrial parks... we have hurt the earth so much. time to change... big time.
• Philippines
25 May 08
Maybe it's fair to point our fingers to other people (specially to some leaders of this nation) why these are happening. But the question "...but do you think they're all to be blamed for doing such illegal activities? My answer is Yes. Maybe there are people that cause them to do this but we as individuals are responsible for our actions. People don't have the right to do illegal activities just because they are in poverty. If poverty is an excuse in doing illegal activities then we should encourage most people in this world to do such things. I believe there are lots of less fortunate people compared to average and luxurious ones in this world. And most of the countries in this world has a bad economy. So you can't say "come on let's do this because other people are making us do this." then if you get in trouble can you make those people who caused you to do it go to jail too?? I don't think so. Remember we have brains. God gave us brains and feelings first of all to use it to determine what's right and wrong. Second, we have brains, knowledge, abilities to use for good. He gave us these to survive for trials and hardships. God did not give these characteristics for doing wrong. If other people's doings are affecting you badly, of course you will do something to fill up your needs but there are other ways. Why do you think there are lots of poor people who prefers to just sit in the bridge and beg if they can rob and steal?? I think because they are still in their correct state of mind that they know what they will choose. Not just beggars, name them all there are lots of poor people bending and stretching their bones, breaking their necks to earn a descent money. And come on, if we do illegal activities then we're no different from those people who's causing our nation go down and ruin the lives of many. If we do these and we blame them too then we should point our fingers to ourselves first because we're equally with them.
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24 May 08
I could say that everybody (could be) the criminal. Those unlawful acts are now defined by the RCBC bank robbery last May 14. It is definitely encouraged by poverty, because even people work the hard way, they still don't tend to make people have enough supply of things they would need for everyday living. I think as long as the people - those of higher social rank or the lowest - should be honest enough and all so that each of us could help one another and even our nation rise up again just like the Marcos' time. I recommend the book "12 Little Things You Could Do to Help Your Country" (I can't remember the exact title) opens up the reader's mind concerning nation building and all... Those little things should account for the progression of our country and it should start NOW!
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23 May 08
That is the reason why I am avoiding some left overs while eating especially when it comes to rice even if that is only one tiny thing. I mean of course I am also thinking of other people that can't eat a lot compare to the blessed people who has all things. I wonder if the government will do something about this to resolve this problem. Moreso I am sure that it will be more expensive.
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9 May 08
As other persons sees this so called "Rice Shortage" as divirsionary tactics by the Arroyo administration from the anomalies that came out recently,the ZTE deal and others.