success university referral program?

May 9, 2008 8:51am CST
hey guys just wondering if anyone has an account for success university? IF so, how helpful are the tuitions they offer? also if you complete the tutes will you be presented with a certificate or is it just for personal development?? Im joining it on Tuesday so ill know by then. I know theres a huge money making potential behind it aswell because of theyre referral system, and itll be real easy for me because the guy im joining under does seminars on this stuff so im gonna get all his referrals coz im directly under him lol but im gonna join for the information....apparently theyve been featured in some money magazines so the people they have in theyre data base arent bogus. If anyone's joined it already and are making money out of it then share wit the fellow mylotters =D and guys please no opinions saying its a *scam* if you havent tried it.... so unless you've tried it and they stole your money and gave you nothing then tell us ofcourse
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