Should Hillary Quit?

United States
May 9, 2008 2:30pm CST
I don't think she should quit until she's ready to do so. I have no intention of voting for her regardless but I think that this is probably her only shot at running for President so she should go as far as she can. She's certainly sacrificed enough to go this far so I think she should fight until she feels there is no chance so she doesn't have any regrets later. After all, she's sacrificed her dignity and her self-respect staying with Bill so she could make this run for President. And, both she and Bill have sacrificed Chelsea's life to do this. I feel sorriest for Chelsea because Bill and Hillary made decisions over the last several years at her expense and once this is over, she can finally have a life, I hope. I think Bill and Hillary are both selfish people who have gone after their own dreams in spite of what it's done to their daughter. Besides, from my perspective, as long as Hillary stays in the race, the better it becomes for McCain. She's got so many people stirred up on both sides of the fence that she's helping our side. I also think it's funny that the media keeps talking about how the voters are being impacted but they haven't polled me or anyone I know and I think a lot of people support McCain regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination because neither candidate on the Democratic side is ready to run this country. They are both way too selfish and naive and unqualified to handle the most powerful office in the world.
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