United States
November 1, 2006 6:32pm CST
Today, it seems the police are aiming at every little drug dealer around. How will our country ever go back to the way it was 60 years ago? Back when drug busts wasnt an everyday thing and such a common thing. Personally, I say that we are wasting money to arrest small drug dealers. It costs atleast $30,000 a year for every inmate now days, from studies. And the police are so proud to catch a little small-time drug dealer like it makes a difference. But there seems to be more and more every day. How is it possible to cut the supply of drugs in our country? I say that the Police back off and the undercover agents go into the streets, I mean...in order to get the drugs off the streets, you have to nail the BIG time suppliers. We have to get the drug suppliers, not the dealers. The suppliers pay the dealers to sell their products, so when that one little dealer goes down, all his supplier does is gets another worker for him, so it is a waste of time and money from the government to lock up the small-time dealers. What would you say? How could we stop the drugs and how could we stop these every day drug-related deaths? Would you agree with me?
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