Tarzan TV series....do you miss it? What other shows on tv do you miss?

May 10, 2008 5:13am CST
I was just scanning cable one day when I encountered a Tarzan movie. Not before long, I was hooked in watching it again. Although it was a newer version than the ones shown when I was a kid with Johnny Weismiller (did i spell that correctly?) starring the role, it took my interest in watching it. It made me think of shows that I missed watching. Have u missed watching any tv shows shown when you were a kid? What shows did you miss watching?
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@pergammano (7755)
• Canada
10 May 08
I feel strange telling you this...but, I saw my first T.V. when I was 12, and only at a neighbour's! Then at 14 I moved to a town for High School, there was a T.V. in the dormitory where I lived! All residents of the dorm gathered together on Sunday nite...you guessed it to watch "Bonanza." I would love to see re-runs of that great show again! Rainbows to you!
• Philippines
11 May 08
Hi Pergammano. Its ok as other kids also watch tv at other people's home. I didnt quite know Bonanza but it sounded good and fun. I sure do hope some tv stations will show reruns of old series. Cheers to you!
@winterose (39914)
• Canada
12 May 08
well I remember the tarzan series but I can say that I miss them, I miss the tammy series with Sandra Dee or Debbie Reynolds, the ma and pa kettle series, and the Jerry lewis and Dean Martin series. they were great times.