Miniature rose care tips

Rosier Forever 10cm - My first rose bush since arriving in Switzerland - I bought this at the local store for 5.60 CHF. It's a soft peach-orange colour with a slight yellow tinge around the edges.
@meiteoh (421)
May 10, 2008 8:08am CST
I just bought a miniature rose bush - the label says that is a Rosier Forever 10cm from Denmark. I'm in Switzerland so sometimes the plant names here are crazy. Anyway, I replanted it into a bigger pot but am wondering about the following:1) Does it bloom all year round or is it seasonal? 2) How do I care for miniature rose bushes? Full sun/shade/semi? Do I water it every day or every two days or...? 3) How do I go about deadheading them? 4) I understand that I have to fertilizer them; is it okay if I use those fertilizer sticks? 5) What about the temp and/or humidity? Or should I just leave it outside (I have a balcony - that's what I mean by outside)?Some input would be greatly appreciated!
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