Is spiderman movie has such image in your country...

May 10, 2008 9:33am CST
The movie spiderman achieved a great success in film history. Where ever we go, we will hear about spiderman. It achieved such much a success. It affected the people so that they feel to do adventure. Many people are super fans of spiderman. And some dares even to do such adventures. I have seen many people climbing up towers, buildings, etc., to show their 'fannism' towards spiderman. The spiderman(1,2,3) has broken all record boxes in just a one week on its collections. The eyeburn collections of it proves that it strucked straightly the viewer's mind. Has spiderman breaked the records in your country too. Can you describe me the status of this film in your country. Will you support the people who are doing the adventures like these?
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