Are you Pregnant and thinking about getting induced? Read This First!

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May 10, 2008 1:09pm CST
I know in all women who are pregnant and are ready to have their baby is tough. The last 2 weeks are hard. i know im 39 weeks already. And here is what i learned about being induced. On the day i turned 39 weeks pregnant, i descided hat i was ready to have my baby. The wait was intollerable. I was ready, so i asked my dictor if there was any chance that i could get induced. I was only dialated to 1cm and had been that was for almost 2 weeks. Within the next few days i was in the hospital ready to go. (I went in at 8am) The induction process went by rather smoothly. They hooked an iv into my wrist that was connected to 2 hoses. One was regular water so i wouldnt get dehydrated and the other was the pitocin. Things started off rather slow. The Kept increasing my pitocin every 15 min. About 10am i started to feel stronger contractions. They were stronger that what i have been feeling, but manageable. As time went on my contractions would get stronger and stronger, but they still were irregular. They would be pretty consistant for a while and then i would feel them less and less. The nurses descided then to check me by 2pm to see if we were making progress. The baby's heart rate was good and seemed to be taking the pitocin very well. The Doctor was called into check if i had dialated anymore, but nothing had happened. I was still only 1cm and 75% effacement (how thin your cervix is). They descided to continue the pitocin until 5:30pm then they would check again, and if things still hasnt changed they would send me home and we would try again on the following tuesday. As time passed my contractions got stronger and more consistant. i was for sure that i was going to have the baby that night. 5:30pm came around and the doctor came in and checked me and nothing had changed. They sent me home and rechedualed my induction for the following tuesday. I was crushed. We drove home and about 8pm i started to feel really sick. I was vomiting, i was having muscle pains to where i couldnt walk, and for the longest time i could not feel my baby move. i was scared and i didnt know what to do. I told my husband to look up the side effects to the pitocin and here is what the simptoms were: Vomtiting, nausea, pelvic pressure, premature ventricular contractions (contractions that dont go away), rupture of the uterus, and hypertensive episodes. The following adverse reactions have been reported in the fetus: Bradycardia (very slow heart rate) Permanent CNS or Brain Damage Fetal death Neonatal seizures Low apgar score I do not recomend getting induced. The symptoms and side effects of the induction and the risk it has on your baby are not worth it. i recommend waiting. I wish i had, now im hoping that i have not made a bad descision and permanetly hurt my unborn child. just think about it. make the right choice.
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11 May 08
Thanks for taking time and sharing
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13 May 08
Are you thinking about getting induced?
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13 May 08
No. Not at all. I liked your sharing in interest of others and thats why i responded to ur message.