Rising Food Prices Aren't ALL Bad

United States
May 10, 2008 2:09pm CST
Don't freak out. Read this completely first. I use my cash back rewards card to pay for groceries. I pay it in full every 2 weeks, so I don't get any finance charges for going past the 20 day grace period on purchases. So, the higher the price of food goes, the more cash back I get. I would be paying the higher prices for food anyway since I have to eat. But, now I get more cash back. Would I prefer to have lower prices? You bet. But, since there aren't I am looking for the silver lining here. More money back that I can put to paying down debt is always a good thing. Do you do this? Any other silver linings you can find in the higher gas prices or higher food prices?
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@paliz81 (35)
• United States
14 May 08
That's an interesting take on things. That is a silver liner and a good way to look at it especially since you can't control the raising costs.
@praveenjena (1304)
• India
10 May 08
well you have just seen only one aspect of the price rise but there are a lot many aspects of the price rise ... they are affecting the people in a bigger way. budgets of the monthly groceries are going wild.