marriage or bachelordom?

May 10, 2008 8:06pm CST
Hi guys .Recently,I talked with one of my friends about this topic.He thinks that everyone should find a mate,but I think we can live a single life and compared with the marriage life,I think single life can give much more freedom What do you think?
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@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
11 May 08
It really depends on how we want to live our life. As for me, I want to have a partner in life in which I can grow old with someday. I know I will be more happy if I get married and have kids of my own. Thanks. Cheers!
11 May 08
Yeah,it's nice to have one's own family with chilren and soul-mate,Hope you can have you own happy family
• Philippines
11 May 08
Thank you. I do hope too someday. Cheers!
@bellaofchaos (11549)
• United States
11 May 08
It truly depends on the person wether a mate is good or not. I know some people that aren't meant to get married they are perfectly happy being alone and just hanging with their friends. Now I also know some people who just can't not be in a relationship. They have to be in one all the time to feel complete. Me I'm the middle of the road type. I like my freedom but I also like to share my life with someone that means something .. I don't think one should just decide one day I'm going to find a mate and then all you do is search it can get discouraging .. Let it come naturally you'll know when you find someone you like if you want to be with them or not. Until then I'm happy being me. Right now yes I'm in a relationship and have been in one for almost 7yrs now. LOL!!
11 May 08
It's amazing to hear that you have a 7-year-relationship with one person. Some of my friends make a b/f or g/f today and break with them tomorrow,It's hard to sustain a relationship for so long,I think Hope you can have a happy life.
@geetnx (51)
• Kuwait
18 Nov 08
if the male is a "field player" then he better stay single!!! no need to marry then suddenly he will realize that he cannot conform to the marriage exclusiveness. its nto much of a problem if there's no children, but when there is kids, its more difficult with the women. on second thoughts, there are also a lot of women especially in this coming generation, who like to play the field whether they're already married or even when they are already mothers!
• China
11 May 08
It's a personal choice,I think.There may be not a person who has a clear idea about marrige or bachelordom.That is to say,no one is born to be a person who don't want to get married,but to be influenced by surroundings.One can live a happy life himself or herself,definitely.However,if one comes across a person faconates him or her,he or she probably does want to get married.Besides,conditions may have influence to someone,such as the distance,the economic conditions or something else. In a word,no one want to be a bachlor from the beginning,but it doesn't mean that they will be unhappy.Some advantages they will have in their single lifes,for instance,freedom,less responsibilities and so on. Our focus should be put on what attitude we should hold to the bachelors rather than evaluate the bachelordom os right or not,for we should respect their choices.And wish everyone to live thier lifes happy and fantastic.