I don't ever want another ford

United States
May 10, 2008 8:36pm CST
I bought a used 1988 Ford F-250 from someone and it kept having more problems then I could deal with. I frickin hated it and it fell apart easily. No, I'm much happier with my 1998 Plymouth Neon. PLYMOUTH or FORD... anybody? Everybody?
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11 May 08
it all depends on if you keep up with regular maintence, i have an 89 ford f 150 and i never have any trouble with it. It has 183,000 miles on it two! That goes with every car if you don't keep up with regular maintence then it won't take care of you.
@martinbt (120)
13 May 08
That ford is old dudee :")
14 May 08
maybe so but it gets up everyday and hauls my tools for work and does a little bit of scrappin on the side. It never lets me down
@Thorn679 (111)
• United States
3 Nov 08
what! fords are great. I just recently bought my self an 2008 F-150 and its a beast =]. I love the engine and the interior is nice. I have also owned a ford focus and it lasted me 110,000 miles. I think fords are good, you just need the right one
@jermx999 (23)
• Singapore
17 Oct 08
Perhaps you should restore the Ford..