it isn't too hard to be successful

May 11, 2008 3:23am CST
I believe, it is not too hard to be successful when you have really decieded to .some people who have ever been successful like to exaggerate the process he has experienced how difficult it is to frieighten the latter people who want to try. i believe so ,do you agree
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14 May 08
It depends - it might be hard if you cant afford the education you need to be successful - money can stop a lot of people doing they want - and circumstances. If you have to care for someone else - for example, elderly relatives or young children, and/or dont have enough money to stop working then it could be really hard for you to drop it all and attempt to further your education for a degree for a career. It would even be hard to just take chances in your career - like risking leaving a job for a 'better' one because you have less job security then. Though I do think with government funding it can be done. My ex never thought he'd be able to o to uni because he doesn't have a-levels so instead he's doing a foundation course at the uni and he can get a student loan for it! So he's sorted.
@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
14 May 08
Thats pretty true. Strong will-power, determination, willingness and with the support of your loved one, achieving success is an impossible turning into possible.. Yet, I would add, that successful ones needs to set themselves as role models instead of frightening ones who wish to set themselves on the path leading to success; whatever you said, is rightly said :)
• United States
12 May 08
I think there is a middle to the whole process. Success can be defined in so many ways. Those who don't achieve it actually do in other ways than what they started out with, usually. Successful individuals had their share of loss as well before they got to where they are. It's all about balance, really.
@cheney (199)
• Hong Kong
11 May 08
Yes. I hold the same opinion with you. Success can be achieved with great probability after you set your target and exert yourself to obtain it. Success is something much related to struggle not talent.