will you leave food that your boyfriend likes for him

May 11, 2008 3:52am CST
when i see some food that i think my boyfriend has never tasted or he may likes it, i will keep some , so that i can give it to him when i meet him. though sometimes even myself haven't tasted that kind of food, but I will leave it to him
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• China
12 May 08
What you do is astonishing same with mine !Maybe we both love our boyfriend/lover so much that we can even abandon everything not noly some kind of food .Sometimes this kind of love can also make us feel so happy.Hope our boyfriend/lover can understand it,hehe.
@meiteoh (421)
• Switzerland
11 May 08
I do the same as well for my hubby; I even cook the dishes that I know he likes because well, it makes me happy to see him enjoy his meals as much as I enjoy mine. I'm a simple eater when it comes to food but I don't know - I've always been under the impression that part and puzzle of being a wife is to consider her partner's needs. Besides in my case, my hubby is my provider - so if he's happy, his wallet is happy too. (Just being realistic since I was all romantic and old fashioned in the above...) XD
@yellows (245)
• Malaysia
11 May 08
Yes, I will leave food that my couple like. My couple also take some food such as cake or heavy food that I never taste before. Its fun and suprised to see the reaction when somebody give that, :) ( and romantic ). I still remember how lovely the feeling when my couple take some short cake that I never taste before lol. When came back from abroad, I'd bring some food from abroad and give it to my couple. Glad to see the suprise face when saw the food. Feel want to travel again just to get the food, hehehe. If I got much money then I 'll definatly travel just for food lol.
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
11 May 08
My Fiance and I eat all of our meals together so their's no need to buy things I know he'll want to taste or eat.... but I do offer him my food if we are out somewhere and have something different or if we are at home and he's still hungry but their's nothing left on his plate (this is usually at lunch when what we cook is what we have on our plates)
@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
11 May 08
I do that as well =D If I am out and get something to eat that I know he would love, I save some and bring it home for him. I also buy him special "treats" when I go down to the shops, like certain chips, drinks and chocolates etc that I know he likes and hasn't had for a while. =)