Paypal is a SCAM???

May 11, 2008 4:20am CST
I am not branding paypal as scam in the real sense but I just want to know something about paypal's strange policy! I live in Mauritius Island also know as the cyber Island of the Indian Ocean! And the heck is that only last year paypal decided to come to mauritius! Whats more uglier is that in mauritius we can SEND MONEY TO PAYPAL by using our credit card BUT we CANNOT RECEIVE MONEY!!!!! That a problem at paypal as our banks allow us to receive money viw alertpay and mooneybookers! So what is paypals problems? I just think paypal is the worst out there! What do you prefer? Paypal? Alertpay or Mooneybookers?
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• India
11 May 08
I dont know much about this policy of paypal. But i can receive as well send my money through paypal. Just check whether there is someohter condition that yourgovernment or banks are imposing on paypal. If there is nothing like that it is serious, paypal should allow us receive the money. If you are able to send it.
• Mauritius
11 May 08
I have checked all that details. There are no conditions that are being imposed by the government or the banks. I enquire at the banks all all says that paypal is being late to take action. Paypal accept transactions from mauritius. It is affiliated with mauritian banks and accept all our credits cards such as Mastercard, VISA etc but ONLY for sending funds! That is we can add funds to our paypal account and pay online. Great! But strangely enough paypal do not allow us to receive funds! For example was to pay me $23 last week and I could not receive the money as my paypal account id from mauritius. All other payment system is ok with Mauritius. So what's the hell problem with those fanatics paypal?? I know paypal works fine for other countries. So I think those hellbound guys at paypal should do something for our country and many other countries TOO!!
@mirage108 (3403)
• United States
11 May 08
I have no problem with Paypal. when I have money on paypal to get it all i do is have their debit card and just spend it at a store like that or get it from an ATM maching. plus I can have it sent to my bank account. Pay Pal Works Great for me.