A mother of eight children spread the lie

May 11, 2008 4:24am CST
1,Childhood,poor little boy home,a meal,the meal is often not enough to eat,his mother put his bowl of rice distributed to the children to eat.The mother said,the children,eat fast,I Bue!--The mother of a spreading lied. 2,the body of the boy long time,hard-working mothers used the time to rest Sunday in the rural areas,fishing Hegou more fish to give children calcium.Good eating fish,fish soup is also very fresh.The children to eat fish when the mother on the side of eating fish bones,fish bones with the tongue licking the meat stains.Boys distressed,put his bowl of fish bowl folder to the mother,mothers eat fish.Mothers do not eat,the mother and the fish with chopsticks folder back to the boy`s bowl.Mother,child,eat fast,I do not like to eat fish!--Mother spreading the second lied. 3,junior high,enough to pay the tuition fees for boys and Gejie,when sewing the mother went to the neighborhood committees receive more matchbook home,at the Zhengdian paste-cents-point home.There is a winter,the boys woke up at midnight to see his mother Gong also a body under the lamp paste matchbool.Boy,his mother,sleeping the bar,you would also like to go to work tomorrow morning then.Xiaoxiao mother,said that children,Shuiba fast,I do not storm!--Mothers spread the third lied 4,the college entrance examination,the mother Qing Lejia closes every day at the entrance to the boy back to participate in cllege entrance examination.Shi Feng summer,the scorching sun leader,stubborn mother is the next stop in the scorching sun for hours.Melod ring for the end of the test,and her mother Ying Shangqu Diguo a cup of water bottles with canned good Nongcha told the children drank tea also concentated,the situation Gengnong.Looking at her mother's lips and Ganlie the beads of sweat,the boys will be canned hands of the delivery of the last bottles of anti-mother to drink.Mother,child,fast Heba,I Buke!--The mother of the four lied spreading 5,after the death of his father,mother and Dangdie again when the mother,rely on their own in the clubs,sewing point meagre income Hanxinruku pulled a number of children,for their study,time flies suffering.Alley intersection poles revised table Lee uncle know,big and small issues would have a bifurcated from a helper,loaders to move coal,pick Tiaoshui,sending more Qianliang to help pay the boys home.Non-vegetated,Shuneng mercilessly.Neighbors look at this in the eyes of mind in his heart,advised the mother Remarriage,why their plight.But over the years has Shoushenruyu mother,never married,others Zaiquan also categoriclly does not listen to her mother,her mother said,I do not love!--Spreading the five lied 6,boys and her Gejie to work after graduating from university,under the gang's mother in a farmer's market near a stand of the place to live.Are in the field know that the children who often send money back after subsidies mothers,mothers do not resolutely and retirement money back.The mother said,I have money!--Spreading the six lied 7,to teach boys stayed for two years,the United States after obtaining a doctoral student of prestigious universities,stay in the United states after graduating from a scientific research institutions,treatment is huge,good conditions,the boys who want to live in his mother Next to enjoy Xiangqing fu has been rejected by the elderly.The mother said,I are not accustomed to!--Spreading the seven lied 8,old age,the mother is suffering from serious illness,checked into the hospital,far from the other side of the Atlantic by plane back to the boy,after his mother is dying of.Old mother,watching the disease was tortured in the Siquhuolai's mother,the boy Beitongyujue,Shanranleixia.The mother said,the children,Bieku,I Buteng.--Withdraw the last lied
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