Day-to-day knowledge of elderly care

May 11, 2008 6:14am CST
(A)how to disinfect the air clean 1.To the regular window ventilation,air circulation,the bacteria from the outside.Each ventilation shoule not be less than 30 minutes. 2.Fumigation:per square metre room with 5-10 ml of vinegar,water 1-2times.Formalin or 40 ml and 60 ml of water,heating evaporation closed doors and windows have been exhausted. (B)how to clean disinfect items 1.Decontamination with soap and wash painting,water Chongjing. 2.The sun and Law:Sunlight contains ultraviolet light,radiation 3-6 hours to reach disinfection purposes. 3.Boiling method:boil the bacteria can quickly coagulation of protein variability,after 15 to 20 minutes to kill germs in general,the time to disinfect the water after boiling,the items must all submerged in water. Domestic pressure cooker conditions of available disinfection,started out from the steam valve control the moment when,20 minutes can be disinfected to kill all pathogens,is not afraid to hot and humid,high temperature items. 4.Soak method:soak the item in 2 percent to the Soviet Union,70percent of alcohol or.Bromogeramine solution in 30 minutes. 5.The elderly vomit,excrement may be a sprinkling of lime mixed doubles,two hours later into the toiler;tuberculosis smeat the elderly,can spit in cartons wrapper in paper,or burned. 6.Wipe Law:1%-3%of the bleaching powder supernatant (that is,after bleaching powder precipitation above the water)polished so that the bacterial enzyme in the loss of deaths. In addition to access to the elderly,before meals after they wash their hands with soap;Wankuai the elderly,Koubei,such as appliances,dedicatde to separate scrubbing and disinfecting after radiotherapy alone,and so on.
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