United States
May 11, 2008 1:50pm CST
Do you go to sleep with the lights on or off? I like total darkness.
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• United States
13 May 08
I too like to sleep with total darkness no lights on. Don't know how people sleep with lights on. Do have nite lites in bath rooms so can see to go when it is totally dark.
13 May 08
i like to sleep in dark otherwise i wouldnt be able to go to sleep but i have small light on in corridor next to my room.
16 May 08
i sleep with my lights off or else im not satisfied with my sleep!!!!light is very disturbing at nights..... Lol
15 May 08
I try to make sure that the room is as dark as it can get but as long as there are no ticking clocks, or worse still, two slightly out of time ticking clocks, I'm not too bothered!
@xtinelee (3377)
• Singapore
15 May 08
Well, I like to sleep in total darkness in my own home. However, in the hotel room, I would leave the toilet light switched on. I don't feel comfortable sleeping in a strange place with all the lights switched off.
@ericajoyce (1748)
• Philippines
15 May 08
Hello verisexisara. When I go to bed, I like the lights turned off. I couldn't sleep with the lights on. Just a little light keeps me awake.
@DudaYLen (219)
• Philippines
13 May 08
I like a soft light on while I sleep.
@Emiese (994)
• Sweden
11 May 08
I like sleeping in the dark too, but then again when spring is coming and it gets lighter in mornings (here in Sweden) there is nothing like waking up with the sun touching your face! :)
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
11 May 08
I went to sllep with a small desk lamp in my bedside. I dont like sleeping in total darkness. I don't know why. Maybe watching too many horror movies make me wanted to slept with a little light.
@praveenjena (1304)
• India
11 May 08
well i like to sleep with the lights off if there are other people in the house.... nut in case i am all alone then i prefer to sleep with the light on and .....with all the doors and the windows locked. have a good day.