Do you have any good suggestions about my Thailand trip at Oct.?

May 11, 2008 9:43pm CST
Hi, friends, our company plan to have a trip in Puket, Thailand this October. Have you ever been there or have you known that well? Could you share your experience with me? I'm really not familiar with that at all. Thanks in advance!
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@cuteshe (126)
• Thailand
11 Jun 08
I had been to Phuket once and it is really a nice place. The white sand plus the clear waters but I would like to suggest to continue your trip to Krabi, I think that is only 3 hours away from Phuket and the beaches there are more (as in more)beautiful than Phuket. You shouldn't miss Maya bay in Krabi, that is where the movie The Beach had been taken. In Phuket, don't ever miss Phuket Fantasea!
• China
12 Jun 08
so good suggestion! Thank you so much.With your beautiful description, I even can't stop my imagination now.
@yanna1027 (249)
• United States
29 May 08
Hi. Thailand is a very nice country to visit. There are a lot of things you can do right in the city and even more when visit the islands. I went to Thailand in 2000 and that was before the Tsunami. We had a great time both in the city with its night time shopping, visiting the temples and palaces and some jewelry factory tours. If you have time, you should try to visit Phuket also or the other islands. I am not sure how the islands have looked after the tsunami, but I'm sure it is still beautiful. In Phuket, the Central Beach Resort was a quiet and relaxing place to stay and I hope that they are still around. Activites that you can do in the island includes the elephant ride, visit to the Phuket Zoo and watch a Crocodile show. If the FANTASEA show is still around, maybe you should include that too because it's marvelous! If time permits, visit the island of Phi-Phi and visit Maya Bay which was featured on Leonardo DeCaprio's "The Beach" movie! Have fun!
• China
2 Jun 08
so attractive! Thanks, friend.
@tintinn (277)
22 May 08
I have never been to Phuket but I heard it was such nice a place for a holiday. Lucky you! ^^
• China
2 Jun 08
Hehe, I will share the experience after my travel there.
• Thailand
17 May 08
Hi benbenlgml, you can see more traveling information in here
• China
2 Jun 08
Thanks ,friend!
@redneon (24)
• Vietnam
12 May 08
Hi benbenlgml ! I heard many people said that major raining season in Thailand is in,it may be wet through that time.However,the prices in Oct. are cheaper than Nov. or other months .I've been in Bangkok and Pattaya,Thailand in July,2004 and it is just wonderful.I love Thailand - friendly people,beautiful beaches ( especially in Phuket ) and palaces,amazing Chinatown and so on.You can do lots of things in Thailand and it doesnt cost much money for shopping,too. Have a good vacation in Oct. !
• China
2 Jun 08
thanks, redneon. Are people really friendly there? When I come to somewhere, if the local are very friendly, I will feel the travel very worthy.haha...