Why is deforestation such an interesting topic?

May 11, 2008 10:02pm CST
Because deforestation leads to many other environmental issues that can still be stopped before they even occur and it will also help a lot of people be inform about what the current global warning problems we are having. With the removal of trees which results to erosion, tsunami, storm, typhoon, landslide, extremely hot or extremely cold temparature, incresingly HIGH tide level, all the abnormalities of our weather and environment that you have noticed today? name it... they are all contributed because of people cutting trees. Lets take part, and help heal the world before its to late.. IF everyone will take part and do steps for this, it can totally make great impact that would help us all.
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• Philippines
12 May 08
This is a nice topic. Have you seen The Inconvenient Truth? It talks about the environment too. We really need to save our forest. Lack of it causes an imbalance to our nature. It leads to more problems to the humanity. Sadly, most of the people neglect the environment for money. They live their lives on a day-to-day basis and their end goal is to acrue more and more wealth in the expense of the environment. We only have one earth. One world. One lifetime. We should start caring NOW.
• Philippines
14 May 08
Thank you for the information.. OK I'll watch the inconvenient truth.. Yes I agree with you, a lot of us are unknowingly contributing damage to the invironment at an increasing rate.. and we cant afford to continue like this or all of us will suffer for the consequences. Time will come people will wonder where did all the trees went if we already start to have shortage of wood to build houses and etc.. anyway lets not blame anyone else for that instead take steps to make solutions, we dont have time to argue anymore.. please help us spread the word.. thank you.. I hope a lot of people will see our point. and do something to help save and care for our world.