the world has gone environmental friendly!

May 11, 2008 11:01pm CST
everywhere you look ppl are finally starting to be more kind towards the environment. i would like to know if you do anything in your household to be more enviromentally friendly? --------------------------------- i was in the grocery store the other day and notice at least half of the customer had brought their own bags, instead of plastic bags.
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@foxygirle (377)
• Philippines
12 May 08
We recycle our water by: *Using a water basin during bath time to catch the water and used it to flush toilet. *Washing Machine: Instead of draining the water we put the used water to the water basins and used it to wash the dogs cages or water the plant. Turning of lights ,appliances,computers , etc when not in use. Using friendlier appliances. Segregating garbage to biodegradeble and non biodegradeable. Teaching my duaghter to use the other side of the paper before putting it on a recycle box. Planting trees and plants in the garden. Using animal waste and degradable materials as compose and soil product.
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@AnakSuNamun (2084)
• United States
12 May 08
Sad but I'm afraid I don't do much about it except for buying energy conserving light bulbs form time to time. I wouldn't mind recycling but they don't make it easy for us,at least not everywhere. One thing I'd be happy to do,though,is to drive a hybrid:)
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