Ever dream in your sleeping time?

@lieanat (1140)
May 12, 2008 10:29am CST
I wonder how many of you always have dreams when you sleep? I do and almost every night. Some of the dreams even will repeat for few times in different time stamps! Is this good or bad to my health? Can someone share with me? Thanks.
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@twowizdom (861)
• Philippines
12 May 08
hello lieanat, well i guess dreaming is a normal thing and I , myself, do dream every night too and some of my dreams get repeated sometimes too...I heard from someone that before people believe that when a person dreamed of someone that person on his dreams is thinking about him. But now time change and people believe that if you dreamed about someone that means you've been thinking about that person before falling asleep. Well, i guess the 2nd statement is somewhat true. Cause for me dreams happen with the help of our imagination so maybe some factors that might affect what you may dream are your emotions, ideas, environment/surrounding, and feelings before you went to sleep. So, if you went to sleep uncomfortably you may have a bad dream.. ^_^
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@lieanat (1140)
• Malaysia
20 May 08
Thanks twowizdom for your comment here. Finally there is someone have similar experiences like me. Most of the time, my friends just ignore me because they find it ridiculous to have dreams every night! ya, I agree with you that some of our dreams is actually our desire or imaginations! Anyway, I like to dream especially that's a lovely and enjoyable dream!!!