so freaking annoying!!!

@sameroad (3180)
United States
May 12, 2008 10:50am CST
Is anyone else REALLY annoyed by the stupid freaking ADs that make NOISE? I wish I could just b-ich slap the person who made those There is one on mylot that I get all the time and its congrats or whatever and it makes this "beep" sound every few secs. and those stupid audio ads where all do is "hear" them. I get those on some of the PTC sites I use.. it is so annoying! I am trying to listen to MY MUSIC! i don't wanna hear this crap. anyone know anyway to make it so I only hear what I'M playing? sorry for my rent. I just freaking hate those things. THEY RUIN MY SONGS! lol
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• Canada
27 May 08
hahah those stupid smiley face ones... "HELLLLOOOOOOOO!!!" ohhh my God do they ever annoy the crap out of me.. i always want to throw my computer out when i hear them even the tone of the voice is soooo annoying lol.. now im all upset just even thinking about them lol thanks alot sameroad :P