What about internet video poker?

May 12, 2008 4:14pm CST
I believe video poker and poker in general, is jsut an exciting game. It allows to diversify and try to make best combination. It's always up to You if to take more risk and get superior blend or accept lover comb, but let You enhance by 'guessing'. Most I prefer to play video poker on internet, as it is easier to control Yourself while at home, just for more rational game. I think, best way to put stakes is to put lover main stake at maximum under stake. Let say, You put main stake for $1 at max under stake of 5, so total stake will be $5, then other way $5 main stake with the minimum of under stake what is one, and You get the same total stake of $5. However, everyone has own style and approach. It would be great to hear Your opinion and experience You have had playing video poker online or other varieries of poker. I have had the max at four Aces! Have You ever had ROYAL FLUSH!!?
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• Bulgaria
9 Jun 08
I play mainly sportsbetting, but poker too sometimes for fun. For me the sportsbetting is more exciting, but I playe video poker sometimes and its cool too. I have a small website for gambling reviews, you can see it at http://www.bettingwise.hit.bg if you want.
• Latvia
10 Jun 08
Thanks, interesting website. Very good idea, indeed. It would be nice to bet now who will be European Football Championship Euro2008 winner!? I might guess it could be Spain, but Netherlands and Germany seems to have good chances, as well. I have never bet on sportsgames, but I would like to try it once.
• Bulgaria
10 Jun 08
I would bet on Germany :) They are stong minded, Netherlands are good but they are not like a team
• United States
13 May 08
I believe Video Poker is still up to the luck factor. When I play Texas Holdem Poker, there is the luck factor but I also control a lot of the variables by my actions. If I have a losing hand in Video Poker, I lose. If I have a losing hand in Holdem, I can still win the hand by proper betting strategies. And I can play a lot of Holdem for free.
• Latvia
15 May 08
I agree that video poker is some 70% up to luck factor, but still Your decision what to leave or not can change the resulting combination. As well, there are few systematic tendencies observed, but still You can not depend on them. I have heared about some writers who have even published the guidance book of how to make Your chances higher, not to loose and how to win by knowing few features and by being rational. However, I don't remember no one of these writers, because I have never had such an approach, as I think it is much more fun to play poker relax, not thinking too much as it tense You up.